Join and pay electronically

The preferred way of joining the Goring Gap U3A, and the one that is the simplest and fastest, is to

  1. Complete and SUBMIT the electronic application form by clicking on the link below.

  2. Pay your subscription by bank transfer (see right). Please note: payment of the membership fee implies confirmation of the consents and declarations made in the application form.

We will confirm your payment, email your membership number, and post your membership card to you.

Please note, Goring Gap u3a does not have a facility for joint membership. Each person applying to join our u3a must complete a separate form.

Download, print, fill in and send off a paper form!

Alternatively you can download an application form by clicking the button below , and pay the subscription by bank transfer or cheque. Please send the completed form, and any cheque, to the address on the form. Please note: payment of the membership fee implies confirmation of the consents and declarations made in the application form.

hint: its easier and quicker to use the electronic form

Renew lapsed subscription

If your subscription has lapsed, and you wish to renew:

  • Pay the relevant subscription for the current month(see table right) via bank transfer using the details below, or by sending a cheque, made payable to “Goring Gap U3A”,to Richard Grayson, 9 Summerfield Rise, Goring, RG8 0DS

  • Click the button to tell us you are renewing

Subscription rates and payment

Goring Gap U3A Annual Subscription Rates

Please note:

  1. The start of the membership year is changing from June to April in 2022. This means the current membership period will be only ten months long and will end on the 31 March 2022.

  2. For this reason, the membership rates for December 2021 and January 2022, along with the full year rates for April 2022 to March 2023, will be published at the end of November this year.

  3. In acknowledgment of the impact the pandemic has had on our expenditure this year and the reduced membership period, renewal fees for current members renewing in June this year, will be £5.00, or £8.00 with magazine.

Pay by bank transfer to the account shown below:

  • Name of Account: Goring Gap University of the Third Age;

  • Sort Code: 30-90-91;

  • Account No: 71848960;

  • Payment Ref: Please include a payment reference consisting of "NEW", followed by your initials.

  • If two of you, who live at the same address, are joining at the same time, you can make just one combined payment and complete the joining form for each person. Please include "NEW" and both initials, separated by a space, in the payment reference.

Data Protection and Privacy Policies

Please read these policies before applying to join. You will be required to confirm that you accept them during your application, or to opt out of receiving communications.

About the u3a (The University of the Third Age) and Acknowledgements and Copyrights

The U3A (The University of the Third Age) is a UK-wide movement which brings together people in their ‘third age’ to develop their interests and continue their learning in a friendly and informal environment. Our inaugural meeting was held in June 2006 and membership has grown to our present 370 members. As we expand we are also able to increase our range of activities. We are a self-help organisation with charity status, run by volunteers. Like all U3A’s we are affiliated to the national body, the Third Age Trust. Click here to go to the U3A national web site. The Goring Gap U3A is a member of the Thames Valley U3A Network, an association of over 35 local U3As. The network puts on events, such as subject study days, that would not be possible for individual U3A