We hold regular monthly meetings / presentations, on the last Thursday of the month. Scroll down the page for the registration form, click the arrow to the right for more information.

  • For bookable Zoom meetings, we will email the zoom link to everyone with a confirmed place on the afternoon of the day before.

  • Please note the registration for Zoom meetings is for one device only, but several people can watch the event at the same time on the same device.

  • For open Zoom meetings, we will email the link to all members the afternoon before the event. You just need to click the link to join the meeting. Please do this 15 minutes before the event is due to start. You will need to identify yourself when you join.

  • Physical meetings are those where we meet face to face e.g. the ones in the village hall.

  • In the future, most of these will be open to all members on a "just turn up" basis, but in the current situation where we are required to keep a register of attendees, or if there is a cost to attend (e.g. the summer and Christmas lunches), you MUST also book one place per attendee at a physical meeting using the form below.

  • For bookable physical meetings we will send out tickets by email the afternoon of the day before. This ticket is simply to confirm your place. You do not need to bring it with you.

  • For the small number of members without email we will continue to support them using more traditional paper and telephone communications.

  • Use the filters at the top to see all events, or just online, or in person

About the u3a (The University of the Third Age) and Acknowledgements and Copyrights

The U3A (The University of the Third Age) is a UK-wide movement which brings together people in their ‘third age’ to develop their interests and continue their learning in a friendly and informal environment. Our inaugural meeting was held in June 2006 and membership has grown to our present 370 members. As we expand we are also able to increase our range of activities. We are a self-help organisation with charity status, run by volunteers. Like all U3A’s we are affiliated to the national body, the Third Age Trust. Click here to go to the U3A national web site. The Goring Gap U3A is a member of the Thames Valley U3A Network, an association of over 35 local U3As. The network puts on events, such as subject study days, that would not be possible for individual U3A