Goring Gap u3a has a management committee of twelve people drawn from and elected by its members. To contact any of the committee member please click on the link under their photo.



My main responsibility to maximise the mutual enjoyment and benefits experienced by our members by co-ordinating the activities and communications of our U3A. I do this by:

  • Working to maintain focus on our core mission of helping our members to Laugh Live and Learn

  • Chairing committee, general, and annual meetings, and ensuring that all decisions are carried through

  • Ensuring the continuing viability of the u3a by encouraging participation in the committee and supporting the induction of new committee members

  • Representing our U3A at National, Regional and Local levels, and with the local community

As a Trustee I also have a responsibility to protect our charitable status by ensuring compliance with our constitution and relevant legislation or regulations


Vice Chair

My responsibilities are

  • Fulfilling all the functions of the Chair in his/her absence

  • Advising and acting as support to the Chair to achieve his / her objectives

  • Undertaking individual pieces of work on behalf of the Committee and the organisation as a whole

  • Monitoring that decisions taken at meetings are implemented

  • Contributing where I can to help the Committee reach sound decisions and carry out agreed actions

  • To be a Trustee for Goring Gap U3A



My responsibilities are

  • Looking after the funds and being responsible for keeping an account of the financial transactions on a day to day basis

  • Setting a budget for approval by the committee and reporting the actual figures to the committee on a regular basis. Explaining major variances from budget or prior year figures.

  • Preparing the annual accounts for approval by the committee and subsequent review by an independent examiner.

  • Presenting the annual accounts to the members at the AGM


My responsibilities are

  • Managing the committee meeting process including, notices, agendas, minutes and records.

  • Managing and maintaining the U3A archives

  • Managing the registration of new trustees joining the committee.

  • Maintaining the currency of information on any public display boards


Membership Secretary

My responsibilities are

  • Collecting membership subscriptions and maintaining the membership records using the Beacon Membership system

  • Processing new membership applications

  • Administering Gift Aid and submit Gift Aid claims to HMRC

  • Submitting lists for Third Age Matters magazine subscriptions

  • Maintaining membership records including Data Protection agreements and Gift Aid consents.


Groups Co-ordinator / assistant co-ordinator

My responsibilities are

  • Liaising with the group leaders to co-ordinate operational activities and issues

  • Acting as a focal point if enquiries and issues cannot be satisfactorily resolved directly with group leaders

  • Moderating suggestions for new groups and comments on the suggestions

  • Keeping members informed of Group activities by obtaining reports from Group Leaders and passing them on to the Newsletter Editor

  • Advertising our U3A in various free local publications and via appropriate electronic media

  • Maintaining the list of groups and the meetings calendar for the web site.


assistant groups co-ordinator


Speaker Organiser

My responsibilities are

  • Sourcing possible Speakers for the monthly meetings and suggest to committee

  • Managing contacts and the logistics of speaker approval and confirmation

  • Managing induction of speaker to venue and its facilities and constraints

  • Maintaining the list of speakers and meeting dates for the web site

  • The national U3A maintains a list of interesting and informative speakers who are available, sometimes for a fee, to present to U3A meetings, however I am always happy to receive suggestions from members. Please use the contact link left.



Newsletter Editor

My responsibilities are

  • Collecting material for the thrice yearly newsletters

  • Editing and producing the newsletters using a desktop publishing program

  • Managing proof reading and compliance with Copyright and Data Protection Regulations

  • Managing the production of the physical newsletters and their distribution to members without email access

  • Sending the newsletter by email to remaining members

  • Removing relevant contact details from the newsletter for publication on the web site

I am supported in this role by Maureen, see right.


assistant newsletter editor


Safeguarding, Diversity and Inclusion

My responsibilities are

  • I am the designated Safeguarding Officer for our U3A, acting as the focal point for, and managing, any issues concerning Safeguarding and Member Protection .

The U3A recognises that all members have the right to participate in a safe, positive and enjoyable environment whilst at the same time being protected from abuse, neglect, harm, and poor practice, and has designated a Safeguarding Officer to ensure this is the case.


Webmaster, Publicity, Printing and Sound

My responsibilities are

  • Maintaining this web site

  • Developing and printing programmes/membership cards, name labels, and any notices or posters needed

  • Organising and managing audio and visual facilities for U3A meetings and events


Bookings, and Hall Administration

My responsibilities are

  • Managing hall bookings

  • Collecting and maintaining registers at each meeting

  • Sale of lunch tickets


Beacon Advisor

My responsibilities are

  • Assisting with the operation of the Beacon Membership system

  • Encouraging the wider use of the Beacon system

  • Training Beacon users

  • Contributing to replacement of the Beacon system

(Beacon is the computer application used by U3A's to manage the day to day operations and finances)

About the u3a (The University of the Third Age) and Acknowledgements and Copyrights

The U3A (The University of the Third Age) is a UK-wide movement which brings together people in their ‘third age’ to develop their interests and continue their learning in a friendly and informal environment. Our inaugural meeting was held in June 2006 and membership has grown to our present 370 members. As we expand we are also able to increase our range of activities. We are a self-help organisation with charity status, run by volunteers. Like all U3A’s we are affiliated to the national body, the Third Age Trust. Click here to go to the U3A national web site. The Goring Gap U3A is a member of the Thames Valley U3A Network, an association of over 35 local U3As. The network puts on events, such as subject study days, that would not be possible for individual U3A